Olympus E-420



Olympus E-420


Hailed as the digital version of the classic OM-1 (this title has since passed to the OM-D series), the Olympus E-420 was the smallest and lightest digital SLR available in its time - the camera with a 25mm f2.8 "Pancake" lens was less than half the weight of a Nikon D3 body alone!  Designed around the 4/3 format which optimizes the relationship between image quality and a small sensor size, it was one of the first digital SLRs to feature automatic sensor cleaning and "live view" - and when you press the shutter it even sounds like an OM-1.

The 25mm f2.8 Pancake lens weighs in at only 95g and is only 20mm deep when fitted to the camera - it can be mistaken for a body cap when its lens cap is in place!  Yet, it offers a relatively fast f2.8 aperture, has the same angle of view as the human eye and produces stunningly sharp images.

It is a "go anywhere" digital SLR which can use the original range of Olympus Zuiko lenses (with the MF-1 adaptor).



Olympus E-420 Gallery




Coniston Panorama




View Towards Morecambe Bay




Coniston Bridle Way




Forest Leaf




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