Frequently Asked Questions


Why One to One Tuition?

One to One tuition gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace in your own home when it's convenient for you.


I live outside the Colchester Area?

Areas outside Colchester can be covered - please contact the school for details.


How long does a course last?

Each course has a recommended time but this can vary depending on how fast you learn: you might be able to complete it quicker or it could take longer.


How frequently do I need to have the sessions?

If the course requires several sessions a good guide will be once a week.  However, it is important that you have time to practice.  So, if necessary,  allow extra time in-between sessions for this.


Is the course suitable for my skill level?

Each course has a star rating: a *Beginner's course is suitable for someone with a little or no photographic knowledge - however basic computer skills will be useful.  The **Intermediate courses are suitable for someone who has completed the *Beginners course or who has a reasonable photographic/image processing knowledge.  ***Advanced courses are suitable for someone who has completed the **Intermediate course or who has a sound photographic/image processing knowledge.


What computer skills do I need to have?

Basic computer skills and a knowledge of Windows.  However if you haven't, I can provide tuition in this area as well.


Are the courses PC or Mac based?

Tuition using Photoshop or Elements can be on either a PC or Mac.  However the areas of the courses that cover organizing image files on a computer are for PC only.


There is no course listed for what I want to learn?

Don't worry, a course can be tailored to suit you - please ask.


I only have a basic compact camera?

A modern digital compact camera is capable of producing excellent results if you learn the skills how to use it.


I don't have Photoshop?

Photoshop is the industry standard image manipulation programme.  It is an expensive package to buy but, if you are serious about your photography, this is the one to have.  However if you cannot justify the expense of the full Photoshop then Elements is available for about £60.  This is a cut down version which still offers many facilities of the full Photoshop.


I use an image manipulation programme other than Photoshop or Elements?

There are other manipulation programmes available - most cameras come with a basic programme and Paint Shop Pro has a good following.  However, because they are so powerful and well supported I recommend that either Photoshop or Elements is used.


Do the courses offer recognized qualifications?

The courses are designed to help you improve and get more enjoyment from your photography and do not offer any recognized qualifications.  Nevertheless, they will help you with any formal qualifications you intend to go for or are studying for at the moment.


Are the courses suitable for children?

All of the courses are tailored for adults.  However, in some cases, they can be adapted for minors.  In this instance an adult would be required to be present during the session.


Who is Michael Anderson LRPS?

Michael Anderson LRPS has always had a great passion for photography which he likes to share with others in his School of Photography. He studied photography at the Southend School of Art & Design and gained a City & Guilds in General Photography. Michael holds a Licentiate with the Royal Photographic Society and is a full-time professional photographer specializing in property. He also runs a Photography & Design Service producing Books, Magazines, Brochures, Greeting Cards, Postcards and Gifts. By passing on his knowledge he hopes that others can enjoy and improve their photography as well.


How long has the School been running?

The School was established in 2010.


Is the School insured for Public Liability?

Yes.  The School has full Public Liability Insurance.


How do I make a booking or find out more?

Please click on the button below to make a booking or enquiry.



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