Sinar F1



Sinar F1


The Sinar F1 (F for Field) large format monorail camera is the simplified version of Sinar’s flagship P1/P2 (P for Perfection) model which makes it more suitable for use on location and in the field.  Because of its modular design and compatibility with a large number of accessories – including the latest ones, it is possible to build a camera to your own particular requirements.  The large format film size, 4” by 5”, gives an unsurpassed image quality and this type of camera offers the advantage being able to use movements to control the depth-of-field and to correct converging verticals.


A classic 4 X 5 monorail camera.


The Sinar (pronounced see-nar) company was set up in 1947 by the Swiss photographer Carl Hans Koch because he wanted to improve on the large format cameras which were available at the time.  The name Sinar stands for Studio, Industry, Nature, Architecture and Reproduction which are the areas of photography where the Sinar cameras excel.

Sinar’s large format cameras have a precision, simple to operate, quality and a versatility because of interchangeability between major components and accessories.  All of this makes them appreciated by advertising and commercial photographers all over the world.



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