The magic of seeing an image appear on a piece of photographic paper, while I watched my father rock the developing dish in the darkroom, started my interest in photography which lead to a career as a full-time professional photographer.  I was probably no more than five or six years old at the time when I became mesmerized by the process. A few years later I was taking pictures and developing and printing the films myself.


My passion for photography continues to grow and for pleasure I photograph what really interests me: Landscape, Aviation and Still Life.

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For landscape I love the Lake District.  In a small area, the Lake District is roughly 40 miles square, there is so much beauty and variety - from the landscapes to the simplicity of just a leaf on a rock.  The weather makes things even more dramatic with the ever changing skies and light. At first I found it difficult to do justice to this with a camera but, as my relationship with the area grew, I found I was able to capture my thoughts and feelings.  Lakeland Gallery

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Aeroplanes have always held a great fascination for me.  I enjoy photographing them, watching them and flying in them - I have been solo in a Cessna 152.  Most of the aviation images were taken at North Weald airfield where I work as a volunteer aircraft marshal.  North Weald Gallery

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Still life I like because I am in full control of the situation - the subject, lighting and camera work.  I get fully engrossed in the process and enjoy planning and taking my time over the shoot - to get the image in my mind onto the film or sensor.  Still Life Gallery


When photographing these subjects I am looking for simple strong lines and vivid colours - although sometimes I will use monochrome or a mixture of both in the same image. The light has to be special as well.  This is the style I like and try to achieve.


Click Here For Angela's PageI am very fortunate that my wife, Angela, shares my enthusiasm for these interests - especially with the aeroplanes.  She likes to fly, and has flown in a variety of  types including 1930s bi-planes, a T6 Havard, a WWII P-51 Mustang fighter and modern aerobatic aircraft.  She is always a source of support and encouragement.  More


Sony DSC-W17 Compact CameraMany of my photographs were taken with a compact camera.  It is a great  belief of mine that you do not need a sophisticated camera to be able to enjoy photography and take good photographs; - Photography should start from the soul not from the camera.  More


Although this is primarily a photographic website I have, occasionally, strayed from this path when the subject takes on a greater importance and for this I must apologize.



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