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Below are my top hints and tips for better and more enjoyable photography:


  • Enjoy Your Photography  The most important thing about your photography is that you enjoy it.  It doesn't matter what level you are at, as long as you get pleasure from doing it - that's all what counts.


  • Join Your Local Camera Club  Camera clubs are not necessarily for everyone, but you will not know until you give it a try.  Although they are not primarily teaching organizations, a lot can be learned by joining one.  Meeting people with a similar interest can really give your photography a boost from the encouragement and inspiration you will receive.  You can find details of one close to you from the Photographic Alliance Of Great Britain (PAGB) website.  More


  • Equipment  You will need a certain amount of equipment, but having the latest most expensive camera is not essential.  Having an eye for a picture and knowing your current equipment is more important.


  • Know Your Camera  Get familiar with your camera's controls and settings so that using it becomes second nature - your camera will then become an extension of yourself to enable you to concentrate solely on the subject.


  • Know Your Subject  Having an in-depth knowledge of your subject will greatly enhance your photography.  With landscape, for example, knowing the best time of day - and sometimes even season for a particular view will mean you will get that ultimate shot.  Sometimes you can just get lucky, but luck is often planned!


  • Visual Awareness  Take time to look at other photographers images and artists paintings, then analyze why they work and why you like them.  By doing this you will gain a 'visual awareness' of composition, lighting and what elements are needed to create a strong image.


  • Style  Try and develop a style of your own.  A good photographer's work should be recognized as theirs just from the style.


  • Photographic Distinctions  Both the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and the Photographic Alliance Of Great Britain (PAGB) offer the opportunity to gain photographic distinctions.  Going for a distinction will give your photography a sense of purpose and a feeling of great satisfaction when achieved.  Links


  • Build Your Own Website It is not as difficult as it may first appear, there are many templates and creation programs available to get started.  A website of your own can be the ideal spotlight for your images and photographic philosophy.


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