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James Latham RFC


My Granddad was an Airframe Rigger in the RFC and served at North Weald circa 1917

He wanted to be a pilot but was told he would be of more value maintaining the aircraft

A detachment of 39 squadron (Home Defence) flying the BE-2 then later the Bristol F2B Fighter were the first to fly from North Weald.  Their role was to counter the threat from the Zeppelin airships and later the Gotha bombers that were bombing London.  During this time there were several notable successes with enemy aircraft being shot down.


The insignia of Air Mechanic 1st Class (a horizontal two blade propeller) can be seen on his right arm


Studio portrait taken circa 1917


A copy of the photograph is also on display at the North Weald Airfield Museum





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The photograph is used on the cover of the DVD

"North Weald Airfield - Flying For Freedom"


DVD available from the North Weald Airfield Museum Shop




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